Yukarı Çık

Pureness of the color white

Among the clouds, there is a fairytale town where your all dreams comes true. It also takes you a journey that you do not want to end.The model Trady makes you feel so good in your room.you will touch the white clouds, achieve all your dreams. You will be accompanied by white clouds and new happiness on your journey with Trady.

BED WITH HEADBOARD 100x200 CM 112 x 106 x 212
3 DOORS WARDROBE 150 x 208 x 65
STUDY TABLE 130 x 80 x 60
NIGHTSTAND 49 x 51 x 45
BOOKCASE 84 x 178 x 47
CHIFFONIER 90 x 87 x 50
WALL UNIT 130 x 45 x 29
HEADBOARD 100 CM 112 x 106 x 7