By the power we get from our dreams; we bring color to the rooms and lives of our children and youth. Today, in our production facility where the most advanced technologies are used, we are happy to sign modern and functional designs that suit our children's tastes.. We know very well that the individuals who will beautify the future will come up among the young people who grow up with health, confidence and realize their dreams.


By combining our 40 years of experience in different sectors with quality and confidence, we create a colorful world for our children and young people. With our R&D department, we closely follow the design developments not only in our country but also all around the world, and always present unique designs, and we offer a colorful world to our children and young people with our furniture.



To provide good service and carry our brand value to the point it deserves worldwide while providing high quality products that are easily accessible to consumers at affordable prices.

To respect the health of our employees, society and consumers while performing stable and high standards, and to operate as a company that respects the environment while fulfilling our corporate and social responsibilities.



To be the leading young furniture brand that always satisfies its consumers, customers and employees.




  • To document, certify and continuously improve our quality management system to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 standards.
  • Achieving company and unit targets within the team spirit based on the philosophy of Total Quality.
  • To determine preventive approaches that will improve our performance by reviewing our business processes with self-evaluation process.
  • In line with the continuous improvement approach, to increase the efficiency in all our processes to a level that can compete internationally.

We work with all our strength to be a model institution in the consumer durables sector by leading our activities in order to encourage innovative and creative approaches and to provide trainings that will increase technical and behavioral competencies.


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